The person behind the mess

Hey friends. My name is Niko Stratis. I use They and Them as pronouns. I run a small record label called Headless Owl Records, i have a podcast with my girlfriend about Sleater-Kinney called Words and Guitar, and I write things. 

I'm also a Trans person. Which is kinda the whole point of this thing. I started writing personal essays about my experience as a trans person, and now I'm passing the savings on to you, the reader.  Thanks for taking the time to come by and read and hopefully educate yourself about what it's like to be me, a non-binary trans feminine person that as a child won second place in a bowling tournament with their team The Hot Crabs.

You'll find on here links to what i do, the aforementioned podcast and record label. As well as a revolutionary new thing, where i post selfies and then write personal essays about my experience. I call them Selfessays. It's proprietary technology that i'm almost certain i invented. At the very least it's a fun portmanteau. 

I say my experience as it should be noted that the writings on this page are VERY much indicative of my own experience. No two Trans folks are alike, so please bear that in mind. 

Thanks for being here, I love you.

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